SEARCH is a specialist risk management company operating almost exclusively in Myanmar utilizing resources that come from a variety of backgrounds in compliance, law enforcement, risk management and security.  SEARCH personnel are all highly experienced and seasoned operatives who have extensive knowledge and expertise and are well versed in understanding how business is conducted in South East Asia having lived or worked in numerous regional countries.

The unique blend of skills and professionalism together with the company’s uncompromising attitude towards integrity means the information, analysis and recommendations we provide  our clients allows them to make objective and informed business decisions. 

As part of our operational approach SEARCH leverages relationships with current and former high-level Myanmar government officials who have extensive investigative and risk assessment  experience.  These individuals allow SEARCH to obtain information relevant to our clients needs.

SEARCH’s client base includes major US, European and Asian multinational corporations as well as numerous consultancy organizations and international NGO’s that leverage and rely on our local expertise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SEARCH is committed to conduct all business for and on behalf of our clients in a professional manner with unquestioned integrity.  Our services are undertaken with professionalism and objectivity notwithstanding that many of the countries we operate in engage in business practices that embrace bribery and corruption.

SEARCH values long term relationships founded on trust, honesty and loyalty.  We believe we can make a difference and have a positive influence on the businesses, communities and individuals we interact with across South East Asia, this is our commitment.