Due Diligence Services Myanmar

SEARCH performs due diligence on both companies and individuals in Myanmar. As part of our due diligence methodology we typically investigate the following risk areas where information is available. In Myanmar information is seldom computerized or centralized and of the information that can be accessed its accuracy and reliability is questionable.


  • Business details (address and contact)
  • Business incorporation details
  • Related and affiliated entities
  • Entity background and history
  • Directors and officers (checks by individual)
  • Beneficial ownership
  • Origin of funds
  • Political relationships and affiliations
  • Government relationships and dealings
  • Military relationships and dealings
  • Compliance risk issues
  • Reputation risk issues
  • Local language adverse media checks
  • Site visitation / inspection (where required)
  • Discrete source enquiries
  • Partnering suitability recommendations
  • Overall Risk Assessment rating 


  • DOB, NRC address
  • Employment details
  • Directorships
  • Sanction and PEP listing
  • Local criminal check
  • Local litigation check
  • Local bankruptcy check
  • Local language adverse media checks
  • Discrete source enquiries