SEARCH provides integrated security solutions to its clients with the capacity and ability to design, implement and operate security solutions and provide security training consistent with international law enforcement and US Embassy standards.  Our security solutions are tailored to client needs and budgetary considerations.

SEARCH designs its security solutions around a client’s risk topology and their security objectives taking into account a clients budget/investment considerations and any preferences they may have towards technology versus manpower based security solutions.  SEARCH’s design solutions can also deliver scalable security solutions for our clients.  SEARCH will also provide objective feedback to a client where we believe there are irreconcilable differences between budgetary considerations and security objectives. 

SEARCH provides implementation cost and time-to-completion estimates whether for one of SEARCH’s or a client’s security solution.  Implementation adopts a risk-based approach to ensure the maximum protection is afforded a client at each phase of implementation.  Where implementation is based on a client’s security design solution SEARCH would as a matter of course evaluate the design against the client’s security objectives.

SEARCH can assist clients mitigate their IT risks in Myanmar through its network of relationships with IT professionals who have extensive experience in data and internet security, database management and networking and who have first hand experience working in Myanmar’s developing IT infrastructure.