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In 2016, Myanmar for the first time in more than 50 years elected a civilian government.  The election saw an unprecedented voter turnout and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy party gained a vote of support that eclipsed even the most optimistic of expectations. 

Myanmar’s fledgling democracy remains vulnerable as the nation has high expectations of its new government and the improvements and reforms it will deliver.  Fifty years of despotism however, cannot be redressed over night nor has the military’s power been completely removed.  Accommodations have needed to be made to secure peace and stability.

The future of democracy in Myanmar depends on whether the current government can start to fulfill the expectations of its people.  In the short-term they can’t.  Whilst Myanmar is endowed with a wealth of natural resources it lacks the necessary capital to convert those resources into sustainable benefits for the nation.

Only with the support of foreign investment does Myanmar stand any chance of rebuilding its infrastructure and transitioning from one of the worlds most impoverished countries to one that can be viewed as developing.

The potential in Myanmar is massive, it is the last great investment frontier in Asia.  However, companies and individuals who do look at Myanmar’s potential positively still need to be prudent.  Many risks remain for those who want to invest in Myanmar.  Amongst the issues facing investors is a marked absence of accurate and reliable information, a lack of transparency and a business environment where bribery and corruption are very much the norm.

Whilst these issues can be challenges to investment, they can be effectively addressed by undertaking timely and accurate due diligence.  Reliable due diligence can mitigate compliance and reputation risks.

SEARCH is uniquely positioned to provide accurate and timely Due Diligence services to those seeking to invest in Myanmar whether by identifying potential partners or reviewing specifically identified partners